What is Hot Pot Central?

The history of the Chinese hot pot dates more than 1,000 years ago and is believed to have originated in Mongolia and the Jin dynasty. Over the years, hot pot culture spread throughout China. Each area has its own distinct style of hot pot ranging from the Hong Kong style herbal and bone soup to the Sichuan style ultra-numbing and spicy soup. Although there are many different styles of hot pot, almost all styles are enjoyed the same way; thinly sliced meats, vegetables, dumplings and other ingredients simmered in broth and eaten with a dipping source.

The origin and history of the Chinese dumpling dates even further before the Chinese hot pot and is believed to be first created in the Han dynasty. The story of the Chinese dumpling was that it was first created by a Chinese doctor who lived during the Eastern Han dynasty by wrapping mutton, chili peppers and medicinal herbs in dough to treat frostbitten villagers. It was believed that this food encouraged blood circulation throughout the body which helped combat against the harsh winter.

Both hot pot and dumplings are nutritious and appropriate for any time of the year and they is often enjoyed during festive occasion and always enjoyed with friends and family! The Hot Pot Central concept is to take advantage of the inherent nutritional benefits of hot pot and dumplings by combining the two together and offer our guests a balanced menu comprised of fresh, local, seasonal, sustainable and organic ingredients.


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